How dental implants can change your life

At Coptfold Dental we know what it is like to not be able to smile, bite and chew with confidence. It’s horrible, and can really damage someone’s self-confidence. That is why we offer dental implants in Brentwood, a way to completely restore your smile to its former glory, no matter how many teeth you are missing. Missing teeth can lead to further dental complications if they are not replaced efficiently, meaning that you could still get gum disease and your jawbone will start to disintegrate over time where it is no longer being stimulated by the roots of your teeth. This treatment is the only tooth replacement method that continues to stimulate the jawbone after tooth loss. This means that you get to keep a more youthful appearance for longer, as a disintegrating jawbone will dramatically change the shape of your face, giving you a sunken appearance. Finding out more about the tooth replacement options we offer is simple, you can book a consultation appointment with one of our dental practitioners either online, in-person in our practice or over the phone. Our professional dental team will be available to answer any questions that you have and help wherever they are able to.

dental-implants-in-brentwoodPermanently fixed, just like teeth should be

One of the main benefits of getting dental implants in Brentwood is that you will be getting new teeth that look and feel just like your original ones. Unlike other treatments, your new teeth will behave just as your old ones did, not coming loose or shifting. They will be made of porcelain to mimic how real teeth feel, and you will be able to speak clearly, smile brightly and chew confidently once again. Depending on how many teeth you are missing you may need up to twelve titanium screws inserted into your jawbone to support your new teeth, but if you are only replacing one tooth you will only require the one. When you are replacing multiple teeth the number of screws required can vary, but this is something that your dental practitioner will discuss with you at your appointment.

No more avoiding your favourite chewy foods

When someone loses a tooth or several teeth, it can become incredibly difficult to bite and chew confidently, especially when it comes to chewy foods. Trying to awkwardly chew in public can leave someone feeling incredibly insecure, and more often than not they will stop eating in public altogether. Getting dental implants in Brentwood could completely change this for you though, as unlike other tooth-replacement methods they are attached securely to screws that are embedded into your jawbone. This means that no matter how chewy something is that you want to eat, you can go for it with confidence no matter where you are. Due to the fact that your teeth are secured firmly to your implants, they will not be able to come loose, get stuck or fall out, helping you to avoid plenty of uncomfortable situations. If you take care of your new teeth they will last you an incredibly long time too. In some cases they can last for longer than ten years, meaning that they are cost-effective too.