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When the thought of visiting a dental practice for a check-up makes you sweat, you may feel nothing but dread when a check-up reminder is sent to your phone.


Of course, while phobia of dentistry is common, if left unchecked for long enough, it can have a devastating effect on your teeth, your general health and your wellbeing. It can also make treatments more complex and uncomfortable, as more complicated procedures are required, such as extractions or root canals.

However, if you are a phobic dental patient, you will be glad to know that nowadays, the majority of dental practices offer relaxation options to help you stay calm while you are in the chair. You will also be glad to know that almost every dental practitioner in the country is now trained in approaching phobic patients with compassion rather than judgement, so the days of the lecturing, judgmental dental practitioners are long gone!

If you are looking for a compassionate, understanding dentist in Brentwood, come along to Coptfold Dental. Our team will treat you with dignity, respect and will be non-judgemental in relation to your teeth and gums. We are also able to offer nervous patients sedation if required, so you can be in and out of the chair without being overly stressed. Perfect!

But what exactly are the sedation options that our dentist in Brentwood can offer you? Read on to find out!

Inhalation sedation

Once referred to as ‘laughing gas,’ our dentist in Brentwood can offer you inhalation sedation if you are nervous about needles. We will place a small mask over your mouth and nose, allowing you to gently inhale the nitrous oxide, which will calm your nerves.

A benefit of this type of sedation is that you will be able to respond to our team’s instructions (e.g. open your mouth), without worry and once our team has finished treatment, you will have no memory of the procedures we performed.

While we may not recommend it as standard, if you are feeling concerned about going home after this sedation option, feel free to bring a responsible and appropriately aged friend or family member along to escort you home after sedation.

Intravenous sedation

If you need something a bit more relaxing than laughing gas, our team may opt to try intravenous (IV) sedation.

A small needle will be placed into your arm, and the sedative will be released into your bloodstream throughout the course of your check-up or treatment. Similar to the inhalation sedation, you will be able to respond to our team’s commands and once again, post-treatment, you will have no memory of the procedure.

However, with IV sedation, you will certainly need someone that is age-appropriate and responsible to take you home afterwards and watch you for at least 6 hours to ensure that you are OK. We do not advise operating heavy machinery for 24 hours after IV sedation, drinking alcohol or taking any other sedative based medications due to possible interactions.