Sedation for dental work in Brentwood

If you are a nervous or even phobic patient and the thought of sitting in a dentist’s chair makes you sweat or the sound of a drill makes you teeth clamp shut, then we want to take extra care of your experience at Coptfold Dental Brentwood. Your oral care is very important to us but so is your mental well being and we want to make your experience a tolerable one, even a pleasant one. We hope to achieve this with different sedation methods that can help you fully relax so that we can take care of any problems you might be experiencing with your teeth. By knowing this we hope that you won’t leave any issues you might be experiencing for too long and book an appointment with us if you have any pain so that we can take it away for you.

dental-brentwoodTypes of sedation

We offer two types of sedation that will help you relax in the chair in order for us to treat your problems efficiently, both work very well and either will be used depending on the levels of anxiety you may have:

Intravenous sedation – IV sedation is injected through the dermis and straight into the bloodstream and is supplied on a constant feed throughout treatment to keep you calm and happy. This works very well for patients who aren’t afraid of needles and only the dental Brentwood procedures we offer.

Inhalation sedation – happy gas is used on patients who cannot stand the sight of a needle, not only to set you at ease but to not arouse panic when we need to inject a local anaesthetic into your mouth. A mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen will be supplied to you through a small mask that is placed over your nose and mouth.

After treatment and sedation

While these sedation techniques for dental Brentwood will not send you into a deep sleep and allow you to remain conscious during the procedure, you will need someone to take you home when we are done, as the effects may last up to 4 hours and it is not advisable to operate heavy machinery such as a car for 24hrs after sedation.

Other things you can do

While we can guarantee that our sedatives methods will leave you feeling calm and happy, if you feel it helps you to bring in some sort of security device to help set your mind at ease, then by all means do.

Stress balls – These can offer a point to focus your anxieties on. Did you know that many people unconsciously hold tension in their mouths and jaw when they are stressed? Moving that tension to your hands and squeezing a stress ball may help you relax more in the chair.

Earphones – Calming music or even an audiobook may help you forget your troubles while you’re in the chair, if you think it will help you, bring your Audible or Spotify along and let the sounds and voices wash over you when you are having work done.

Blanket – Some people may feel cold when the sedatives chemicals hit, if your dentist allows it, bring a freshly washed blanket in with you to cover your legs, this can help add a sense of security and comfort to your experience rather than feeling exposed.