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Advanced gum disease and its treatment from a Dentist in Brentwood

While it may seem obvious to think about, it is nevertheless true that we use our teeth every single day. We all need to use our teeth to eat, to talk and even just to smile at one another. For this reason, it is always important to take good care of our teeth. This is something that most of us do every day by brushing our teeth, flossing, using mouthwash and being careful about the types of food and drink that we consume. However, despite all the good preventive measures that we take, it is always possible for accidents to happen which can make the usually easy and unrestricted use of our teeth much more difficult. For example, there are cases of things such as advanced gum disease, tooth decay and impacted wisdom teeth which can cause intense pain and can make using our teeth exceptionally uncomfortable. When encountering any intense pain in the teeth or gums, it is important to seek out immediate attention from a qualified professional. By making an emergency appointment with, for example, a dentist in Brentwood, problems such as intense pain in a tooth or teeth can be solved quickly and effectively. One of the main ways to deal with intense tooth pain is through tooth extractions. While this may sound unappealing or even frightening on the surface, it is nothing to be afraid of and with treatment from a dentist in Brentwood, patients can undergo treatment which puts them at ease and leads to a surprisingly quick recovery time. Further to this, in this article we’ll go through some of the processes used to perform a tooth extraction and therefore demonstrate how it is an effective and minimally discomforting treatment to intense tooth pain.

Before we do this though, we would like to take a moment to give an example of a reliable dentist in Brentwood that can perform tooth extractions (along with many other treatments). At Coptfold Dental, we keep ourselves to the strictest of standards of professionalism to ensure that all of our patients get the consideration and quality of treatment that they deserve. In addition, we combine our high professionalism with a friendliness and kindness that helps our patients to feel right at home in our practice. We understand how a smile is a deeply important reflection of who we are and how every smile is different, which is why we offer an individual treatment plan for each of our patients based on their specific needs.

What typically happens during a tooth extraction

Usually, a tooth extraction will begin with an x-ray of the patient’s teeth. This is used to determine the specific nature and severity of the patient’s problem. If it is a particularly severe problem or if the patient is feeling nervous about treatment, then they may be given a local anaesthetic or other sedation options. Using their dental equipment and sterile environment, a dentist in Brentwood will be able to carefully extract the tooth/teeth. If the patient was suffering from advanced gum disease or periodontitis then they will likely be prescribed antibiotics after treatment as well.

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