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Common types of dentistry carried out by our dentist

At Coptfold Dental Practice we like to believe we have the definitive go-to dentist in Coptfold, offering patients the highest in quality dental services that is equally matched with patient satisfaction that is hard to experience anywhere else.

How do we achieve such stratospheric heights of success? We offer a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, exceptional dental care at the hands of a friendly and highly competent dentist in Coptfold in addition to relying on modern and effective dental technologies and techniques to ensure patients enjoy a healthy and functioning mouth. We take a look at some of the common treatments and procedures performed at our dental practice.

General dental services you can expect at Coptfold Dental Practice

One of the aspects our patients appreciate at our dental practice is that they can receive a wide range of dental care, all in one place and at the hands of a well-capable dentist in Coptfold that they know and trust. Many patients see running around to different dental practitioners to receive different types of care as undesirable – one simply does not know what kind of practitioner and what level of care is to be expected from someone ‘unknown’.

The good thing about choosing our dental practice is that we look after all aspects of caring for teeth and restoring beautiful smiles with effective treatments such as:

● Emergency dental treatments

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the dental practitioner you can rely on to treat you in times of a dental emergency? We fully understand that patients experience high levels of stress and pain in a dental emergency situation which is why we prioritise quality care that would expedite relief from pain and discomfort with compassion. In carrying emergency dental care, our dental practitioner will thoroughly examine the area of concern, even taking x-rays to gain a deeper insight into the problem. A local anaesthetic may be administered to minimise discomfort and the area to be treated will first be sterilised.

● Sedation dentistry

Due to the invasive nature of many dental procedures, it is common to find patients who experience high levels of anxiety prior to treatment being carried out. Patient ease and comfort is a top priority for us which is why nervous patients can expect to receive special care when visiting us for treatment. This special care is provided in the form of a select choice of sedation dentistry.

● Root canal treatment

Badly infected or damaged teeth may need a root canal procedure to be performed to save them. Our dentist is highly skilled and well-experienced in performing effective root canal treatments. Root canal treatments provide three main benefits which are: to stop the infection from progressing further and affecting other areas of the mouth, to preserve the health of unaffected parts of the tooth and restoring tooth appearance and feel.

For high quality, comprehensive dental care, choose the professional and friendly dental team at Coptfold Dental Practice. Please reach out to us to schedule a check-up appointment, cosmetic dental treatment or to discuss all suitable options to improve teeth function.

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