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Experienced smile design by Himesh Patel dentist Coptfold

Updated: Jan 5

For those of you looking for a competent, compassionate and experienced dentist who is able to lift you out of discomfort, provide you with a positive dental experience and transform your smile, then speak with Himesh Patel dentist Coptfold about your personal dental concerns. You will be in capable hands, especially if you are nervous about dental treatments.

Lucky enough to have gained experience from some of the UK’s most experienced clinicians and have been taught by global professionals, Himesh Patel dentist Coptfold has had extensive training and has expertise in general and specialised areas of dentistry. He has furthered his experience by working internationally, giving him a depth and range of experience in complexities that go beyond local oral healthcare demands.

This global view ensures that Himesh Patel dentist Coptfold seeks to treat your concerns with open eyes and can provide you with more options than most to help you to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. The full range of treatment options is openly and candidly discussed with you, so that you can have a complete understanding of the advantages and disadvantages that you personally face regarding any specific procedure.

His experience with teeth straightening and complex rehabilitation means that you can confidently approach Dr. Patel with your situation, knowing that the procedure that is recommended to fix your smile will be an effective one. We understand the distress that many patients face when they undergo complex dental surgery or lengthy treatments only to find that more is needed, or that in a few short years they need further restorative work to maintain a healthy dental condition.

What are some of the treatments that we can offer you?

We provide a full range of dental treatment options at our practice, the foundation of which is general dentistry that focuses on preventive care. Monitoring the condition of your teeth through frequent visits to the practice, where we use the latest in technology and techniques to ensure that the slightest changes are accurately identified, we can ensure that swift action is taken to make certain that the integrity of your smile remains intact.

For those of you who are a little nervous of visiting an oral healthcare professional and perhaps haven’t approached one in some time, a non-judgemental and proactive approach is necessary to help you to get your healthy smile back on track.

You may or may not need some restorative work to bring your teeth back to full functionality or strength, regardless of whether you feel a difference with your teeth and gums or not. We can take a thorough look, using X-rays and other scans to get an in-depth understanding of your health and provide you with results coupled with solutions, so that you can feel positive about your experience.

You have to love the smile you own if you’re expected to care for it appropriately, so with cosmetic solutions both effective and affordable, you can perfect your smile so you feel ready to tackle the world. Let’s give you the smile you have always wanted with the experienced and confident professionals that we have here at our practice.

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