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Let our dentist even out your smile

Having an even smile is important to a lot of people. Having crooked or uneven teeth can leave people feeling insecure and isolated from their friends, as they refrain from joining in on group photographs and smiling in public due to their dissatisfaction. At Coptfold Dental we have a variety of treatments that can straighten your teeth, close up gaps and give your smile a refreshingly even appearance. Our dentist Brentwood will listen to your worries during your consultation appointment before creating a unique treatment plan that is tailored to your needs. To make an appointment you can visit our website or call our practice to speak to one of our friendly team.

Don’t let overcrowding or crooked teeth stop you from smiling

A lot of people suffer from crooked teeth and overcrowding, both of which can lead to insecurities and even physical pain in some cases. Our dentist Brentwood is here to help you and can straighten your teeth efficiently, ensuring that there is enough room for them to manoeuvre into their new positions before your treatment begins. If you suffer from overcrowding then it is likely that you will have one or two teeth removed before your treatment starts. Overcrowding can cause your teeth to put pressure on one another, resulting in an uneven, crooked appearance. Once you have had these teeth removed, or if you did not need any teeth to be removed but just suffer from crooked teeth, you will be able to begin your straightening treatment. At Coptfold Dental we provide incredibly discreet straightening treatments that make use of invisible aligners. These work hard to gradually move your teeth into their straightened positions and are completely removable too, making both brushing your teeth and eating easy tasks.

Disguise gaps or get rid of them completely

It is not uncommon for someone to visit our dentist Brentwood to find out what they can do about getting rid of the gaps that they have between their teeth. In most cases braces are able to close gaps up completely by moving teeth into different, straighter positions, but sometimes braces are not suitable. If they are suitable then the treatment you can expect to receive will be very similar to the procedure used if you had crooked teeth that needed straightening, however for those of you that cannot benefit from braces there are other alternatives. Veneers are capable of closing up small gaps between your teeth, as well as giving your teeth an overall more even appearance. They are made from a porcelain material, looking and feeling exactly like your original teeth. In some instances veneers will be used to give teeth a brighter appearance, whilst in other cases a single veneer can be used to repair a single damaged tooth. In these cases the colour of your veneer will be matched as closely as possible to the shade of your own teeth, to ensure that it blends in and looks as natural as possible. Make sure you book an appointment as soon as possible to get the look you are after!

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