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Missing teeth? It’s time for you to think about dental implants

Teeth can end up falling out or getting knocked out for a multitude of reasons. Tooth decay, spontaneous accidents and sporting injuries, natural ageing, the list goes on. At Coptfold Dental we are focused more on replacing your teeth and giving you your smile back and will do whatever we can to help you feel proud of your smile again. Getting dental implants Brentwood couldn’t be simpler. If you are missing teeth then we suggest that you book a consultation appointment with one of our dental practitioners to discuss how we can help you. An appointment can be made via our website or over the phone at a time that is convenient to you. This tooth replacement treatment consists of having tiny metal screws inserted into your jawbone. These screws act as supports for your new teeth as well as the roots of them and are capable of supporting more than one new tooth each. Your dental practitioner will explain the procedure in detail to you and give you a chance to raise any concerns that you may have about it.

A youthful looking smile to be proud of

Having dental implants Brentwood differs from alternative tooth replacement options in that it keeps your smile looking refreshed and youthful. The screws keep your jawbone stimulated after tooth loss, preventing it from disintegrating and giving your face a sunken shape. Your new teeth will be bright in colour and evenly shaped, giving your face a more pleasantly youthful appearance. In addition to this, your youthful smile will not be disappearing anywhere anytime soon. Unlike other tooth replacement methods, these tooth implants could last you for ten years or even longer in some cases. The better you take care of them the longer they will last, but they are extremely durable. Your dental practitioner will explain how to take care of them properly, recommending brushes and products that are most suitable for your individual circumstances.

Straightforward treatment no matter how many teeth you need replacing

One of the main benefits of getting dental implants Brentwood is that you can use them to replace just the one tooth, multiple teeth or even all of them. The versatile nature of this treatment means that you can restore your smile regardless of which teeth you are missing and still get the same natural looking results. In some cases people will not even notice that your teeth are not real unless you tell them otherwise. Dentures can be attached too, as little as four tooth implants can be used to restore an entire set of teeth, but the amount of screws needed for this can vary from patient to patient. A crown is often used for a single tooth replacement or for a couple of teeth that are not next to each other, whilst a bridge is used to replace teeth that are missing in a row or on either side of a remaining original tooth. Bridges can offer additional support to original teeth if they are sandwiched between two new teeth.

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