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The steps to receiving emergency dental care from Dentist Himesh Patel

We all have a tendency to worry when things go wrong. Whether it’s missing an important meeting or losing something like your keys or wallet, our brains tend to go into a sort of panic and it can be difficult for us to think clearly. This feeling can often be even stronger if something goes wrong with our physical health as we have the additional worry of whether or not we are going to be okay. As much as it may feel natural to panic, it really is not the most advantageous thing to do and taking a step back to think about our options is almost always more helpful. A good example of this is with regards to our dental health. Throughout their lives, many people will undergo a dental emergency such as a broken or chipped tooth or one or more teeth that have somehow been knocked out. While dental emergencies can have many different causes, the impact can be greatly lessened and recovery can begin much quicker with a visit to Dentist Himesh Patel. By visiting Dentist Himesh Patel, a patient can receive comprehensive treatment for their dental emergency in a comforting and professional environment. It is always important to get treatment for a dental emergency as soon as possible so it is helpful to know a bit more about them and the various types of treatment on offer beforehand, just in case any accident does occur. So with that in mind, let’s take a quick look at an example of a reliable emergency dentist.

The dentist that we wish to highlight today is Dentist Himesh Patel. This is because Dr. Himesh Patel is the head of a highly trained top quality dental practice by the name of Coptfold Dental, located right in the heart of Brentwood. At Coptfold Dental, we give all of our patients a customised treatment plan which is designed to suit them and prioritise their needs. Furthermore, we use modern, up-to-date dental technology to ensure excellence in our entire range of dental solutions which covers dental emergencies, routine check-ups, precise cosmetic dentistry and much more.

What happens during an emergency dental appointment?

Whilst every emergency dental appointment is different, there are a few things that can be reasonably expected. These appointments usually begin with an examination of the injured area. This could include the use of dental technology such as x-rays to examine the extent of the damage. If the patient is feeling severe pain from the injury, they can be administered with a local anaesthetic to numb the pain. The dentist will restore any damaged teeth, either temporarily or permanently, depending on the type of dental emergency that they are treating. There also cases in which a tooth extraction may be required to treat the emergency. In these cases the dentist will usually discuss implant options with the patient to replace extracted teeth. In any eventuality these appointments help the patient’s injuries to heal more quickly and effectively and help the patient avoid any further dental emergencies in the future.

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