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Why is a visit to your local dentist in Coptfold so important?

Within the modern world of dentistry, many patients may choose to overlook their scheduled bi-annual dental checkup at their local clinic. Despite many patients choosing to undermine their dental appointment, however, a twice-annual visit to their local surgery should be considered as instrumental in maintaining a high standard of oral health.

Why should patients pay a visit to their local dentist?

Many patients may choose to reschedule, (or even refrain) from attending their scheduled appointment at their local dental clinic altogether. This could be for a multitude of reasons, for example there could be financial concerns, a hectic work or social life, or the belief that they maintain an adequate oral healthcare regime in the comfort of their own home. However, it is imperative to visit a highly skilled professional like Himesh Patel Dentist in order to maximise your oral health and to minimise potential risks. It is best to leave the dental treatment in the hands of trained dentist.

Taking care of your smile in the comfort of your own home

Many patients may believe that brushing adequately for two minutes twice daily is enough to maintain a high standard of dental hygiene, however unfortunately this is not always the case for many patients. To expand in further detail, despite brushing vigorously at home plaque and tartar can unfortunately still buildup on the front surface of the teeth! This oral bacteria must therefore be removed by a skilled and experienced dental healthcare professional, in order to prevent the onset of oral diseases and infections (such as gum disease, to name just one common example).

What to expect from dental hygiene check-ups

Many patients may feel more comfortable knowing what to expect from a bi-annual checkup at their local clinic! With this in mind, therefore, many modern dental clinics are now choosing to display a step-by-step appointment guide on their practice websites.

More than meets the eye

Many patients may expect to receive a general oral assessment during their bi-annual checkup (which essentially checks for signs of cavities, oral cancers, and general dental fragmentation and decay), however many modern dental clinics are now choosing to adopt a patient-centred approach (which consequently means that every dental case is treated as entirely unique). Despite many surgeries adopting this tailor-made approach however, there are several standardised dental procedures that are carried out within a typical dental hygiene appointment, one common example of which is a scale and polish.

What is a scale and polish?

A scale and polish (also commonly referred to as a ‘dental clean’) is extremely common within the field of dental hygiene and is used to prevent the onset of oral diseases and infections, by removing the unwanted buildup of plaque and tartar on the front surface of the teeth.

So... How does it work?

Many patients’ may be familiar with this particular cleaning treatment, however, they may be unsure of how it works to remove bacteria from the teeth! A scale and polish uses a combination of special interdental brushes and dental pastes in order to leave the teeth feeling healthy, shiny and of course clean.

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