Choosing a dentist in Brentwood who meets your needs

Have you moved or are you looking for a new dentist? Easier said than done, right?


Finding a family Dentist in Brentwood can be challenging not because there are few dental practitioners around, but because there are multiple practices claiming to be ‘one of the best’.

However, like with everything in life, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ to finding the right dentist in Brentwood who can service the needs of your family in a professional yet friendly manner that makes you feel right at home.

If our practice, Coptfold Dental is not located near to where you live or work, here is what to look for in a dentist.

Qualities you shouldn’t go without

Avoid settling in an emergency.

Some people go looking for a dentist only when they really have to, which we do not recommend, because you are settling for dental practitioners who have availability over highly reputable clinics.

Look for a dentist in Brentwood to prepare for emergencies that may lie ahead.


Does a prospective dentist fit your budget, and do they accept your dental insurance?

Always get estimates before undergoing surgery, even if you are covered by insurance, because you may have to pay a small portion out-of-pocket.

Ask to see our fee guide – you will find our price list fair, plus we offer free consultations for Invisalign and dental implants.


Your dentist should have the relevant education from an accredited dental school. Ask to see his or her certificates for good measure. However, most dental practitioners have these hanging up on the wall.


The qualifications mentioned above do not mean much if you cannot relax around your dental practitioner. The medical expert will be looking inside your mouth during possibly invasive procedures down the line, which means that you have to feel comfortable with this person.

Experience with children

If you have small children, toddlers, or infants, they should go and see a pediatric dentist who has the necessary training.

Those having experience with children will know how to handle a meltdown and calm a screaming and anxious child using appropriate measures.

Are you in the market for a dental practitioner? Make sure you find the right one using our definitive guide!