The ins and outs of general dentistry at the dentist in Brentwood

There is more to oral health than sparkly, white teeth. Neglecting your pearly whites can have devastating consequences, which is why it is so important to see your dentist in Brentwood as frequently as possible.


People have a habit of prioritising their physical health, resulting in their oral health being placed on the back burner, which is a mistake.

Dental issues may start small, but they progress rapidly, which is why you should pay a visit to our clinic, Coptfold Dental, once every six months.

Why every six months?

Have you noticed that when you see your dentist less regularly, there is more to fix and clean during your infrequent appointments?

We have mentioned before that dental issues start out small, but they require swift attention because if left untreated, these problems could become harder to manage.

People sometimes put off going to the dentist in Brentwood because they anticipate pain and hours spent in the dentist’s chair. However, if you see us when you should, your session should be quick and easy.

Stopping issues in their tracks is what we excel at!

What does the average check-up entail?

Your appointment begins with an examination of your teeth, mouth, and gums. If we suspect that something is wrong, for instance that you may have a cavity, we will take a series of X-rays to confirm this and discuss the next step.

During your check-up, you must divulge any crucial details, such as whether you have been experiencing any dental issues since your last appointment with us.

Prevention is the best cure, which is why we will ask you questions about your tooth-brushing rituals and techniques, you can provide demonstrations if needs be. We do this because we see patients coming to our clinic every day with often serious, but preventable, problems that could have been avoided by adhering to dental hygiene best practices.

If you require further treatments for fillings or correcting gum conditions, we will walk you through these procedures so that you have a clearer understanding of what the problem is and how it can be resolved.

If your teeth are in good condition, we will send you on your way and book you an appointment with us six months down the line.

How to handle a dental appointment for your child

As grown-ups, we know the importance of seeing a dentist in Brentwood, but our children do not and may not grasp the importance of these check-ups.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your next visit

  • Arrive early so that your child has plenty of time to relax before their check-up. Arriving late will stress you out, which in turn makes children tense.

  • Find a child-friendly dentist who has experience with younger family members. Waiting rooms stocked with storybooks are a good sign of a family dental practitioner.

  • Let your child know what to expect and do not surprise them with the news on the day of the appointment – this is a terrible idea that may lead to tantrums and tears.

For a compassionate, experienced, and highly skilled team of dentists, give us a call!