Dental implants in Brentwood, why might they be beneficial to you?

dental-implants-brentwoodTooth loss and its negative impact

Losing a single tooth or multiple teeth, whether through a natural occurrence or as a result of an injury, can be both emotionally and physically damaging. Your once confident smile may falter and a new sense of low self-esteem may take hold. Combined with this emotional response to your tooth loss, physically your appearance has altered which if left untreated, can develop further. Bone loss and tooth misalignment are just two of the potential dental problems that can occur as a result of the original tooth loss.

This is where we come in with dental implants Brentwood, which can help restore that beautiful smile and create a secure replacement that replicates your natural teeth.

What are these implants and how can they help?

Dental implants Brentwood are small titanium screws which are drilled into the jawbone creating posts for the restored teeth. The implant once inserted into the jawbone by us, stimulates healthy new bone growth whilst also creating a sturdy base for the new tooth or teeth. The next part of the procedure depends entirely on the individual case. In some situations the permanent crown or bridge will be attached to the implant shortly after the implant has been placed. However, if a level of healing is needed before the permanent crown or bridge is fitted, a temporary one will be fitted so as to keep your full smile.

What happens during the procedure?

Once the decision to have dental implants Brentwood has been made, an appointment will be booked where the small titanium screw will be drilled into the jawbone. Whether having one tooth replaced and restored or having multiple teeth renewed, it is possible to have one screw in place, rather than one for each tooth. Please note, this is not as complicated as it sounds and our experience with this procedure means we can confidently replace any number of teeth.

The next part depends entirely on the condition of the mouth and how comfortable the patient feels. If the mouth needs some time to heal then a temporary crown or bridge will be put in place to begin with and at a later date the permanent replacement or restored tooth can be attached to the implant. Either way, healing time will be needed, but the end result will be a secure, natural feeling set of teeth.

The benefits

Living without the worries of having your teeth getting stuck in certain foods, or speaking during a zoom conference call and having your dentures fall out, are just some of the benefits of having the security of implants.

Having to avoid certain foods due to dental issues can be frustrating and on occasions you could forget, luckily with sturdy implants there is no need to watch what you eat as you can still bite and chew a variety of foods without worrying.

Please note, all dental treatments and procedures carry potential risks and therefore we encourage all our patients to seek further information and advice on any mentioned in this article from our dental practice.