Full mouth dental implants; what you need to know

Yes, full mouth implants are a thing! And for many patients, they are the preferred option when considering implants although there are others. Let’s explore more of what we do at our clinic with dental implants Brentwood and how they can help you.

dental-implants-brentwoodDental implants Brentwood have become more common and are considered the best possible solution for permanently lost teeth. They certainly are a complete form of restorative dentistry, allowing the replacement of teeth that have been lost many years ago, without even an open socket to start from. Oral implants are a significant investment in both time and money. Many patients wonder if having multiple implants at the same time is going to be cheaper and better. It is certainly true that you can make significant savings by having implants conducted simultaneously rather than in a series of one at a time.

Single implants vs multiple implants

From the outside, a single oral implant does not seem all that different to a crown. A crown after all is an oral prosthetic, but its foundation and what holds it in place in your mouth is the root of the tooth that was crowned. That original tooth has been sculpted down to a peg, upon which the crown is placed. With oral implants, an artificial root is inserted into the jawbone; this is made of titanium and will firmly fix itself in place over a period of months as new bone is laid down around the implant. After this is complete an oral prosthetic can be placed on top.

These forms of single implants are excellent at replacing one lost tooth among many strong healthy ones. The oral prosthetic is fabricated to match the shade and translucency of the rest of the teeth, making it seamless. If you have multiple teeth which are in poor condition or perhaps an entire set of teeth which are suffering from either severe misalignment or decay, it may be a better option to use an immobilised denture, either partial or full, to replace them. A denture or bridge can be immobilised using a set of implants.

When it comes to a dental bridge a set of false teeth side-by-side can be replaced. This bridge can be fitted using two implants one at either end of the bridge. This has advantages over standard fitted bridges as it does not require the pressure to be placed on adjacent healthy teeth.

An entire set of dentures can be fixed in position using 5 implants; this will stop the denture from moving and without that motion, they cannot cause friction rubbing, as well as making the denture feel more solid and natural. Many patients also find immobilised dentures far better, as implants really integrate the prosthetic into their mouths, making it feel more a part of their body.

If you would like to have more information about dental implants Brentwood and wish to compare the costs of any treatment, please feel free to get in contact with our clinic or book a consultation.