Let your smile flourish through a quality dentist in Brentwood

Rising tides

dentist-in-CoptfoldHere at Coptfold dental, we’ve been trying to put a smile on our patients’ faces for over 50 years. In that time, we’ve seen all number of trends come and go – however, never before have we witnessed such a rise in the amount of new patients seeking out a quality, reliable dentist in Brentwood. It used to be that the hardest part of any dental procedure we’d offer would be getting our patients across the threshold of our practice. Patients, young and old, would all wince at the thought of a trip to the dentist. Nowadays though, particularly over the past few years, it appears the tides have turned. Now we have young and old patients flocking to our dentist in Brentwood to achieve a straighter and healthier looking smile. Cosmetically conscious

Whether the reason for this rise in dental engagement is related to the increase in social media usage, and the increase in focus around our outward appearance, the smiles we see throughout the media daily, or the alignment of the planets – we’re honestly unsure. Whatever the cause is, however, we are a dentist in Brentwood who is happy to be of service. Some of the most popular forms of treatment which we’ve noticed a distinct rise in engagement and interest around, are those which are classed as ‘cosmetic dentistry’ procedures. This encompasses a wide variety of treatments, but can be typically defined as anything which is done to purely maximise the overall aesthetic appeal of the patient’s smile, rather than address any general or preventive dental issues. Filling you in

White fillings are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures we provide. These are used in cases where a patient’s tooth has become mildly decayed and cleaning and filling is required. NHS funded metal amalgam fillings are the most common fillings, and – whilst they are effective enough in their purpose – they often are negatively received as they are clearly visible within the mouths of patients, particularly if they are on the patient’s bottom set of teeth. As such, an increasing number of us are opting for white fillings which are the cosmetic alternative. As you may have deduced from the name, white fillings are similar to metal amalgam fillings, although they are made from a white, tooth-coloured filling material. In addition to being far less visible within the patient’s mouth – as they are specifically colour-matched to the surrounding teeth – white fillings are also far stronger than conventional metal amalgam fillings, as the white bonding agent is far more adhesive and therefore the risk of the filling falling out is greatly reduced. Complete makeover

One of our most sought after services we provide here at Coptfold Dental, is our ‘smile makeover’ service. This is designed to identify and rectify any issues which patients have around the aesthetics of their teeth though a consultation with one of our cosmetic specialists. After patients have undertaken this consultation period, and shared their issues or concerns about their smile to one of our specialists, X-rays and digital renderings of the patient’s teeth may be taken to allow for our experts to have a clearer view, before a unique, tailored dental plan of action is written up and the patient can begin their dental journey with us.