Replacing teeth with dental implants

At Coptfold Dental, we do more than just remove teeth. With our dental implants Brentwood, we can replace them too!

dental-implants-brentwoodDentistry has certainly changed over the last decade, and we have been lucky to be part of this transition. Our patients’ expectations have changed too, no longer content with dentures or wired bridges they look to more recent innovations to provide sophisticated restorations.

It’s even possible for us to replace a tooth that has been lost long ago, the socket of which has closed, leaving only vacant space in your smile. Under the guidance of our principal dentist, we have developed a wealth of experience in providing dental implants Brentwood.

This is important because successful implantation is a mixture of multiple factors. Some under the control of the patient and some under that of the dental clinic. However other elements are difficult to predict. The most critical factor that will determine the suitability of dental implants is your rate of bone growth. There are several things you can do to maximise this, such as keeping a balanced diet and moderate alcohol consumption. Smoking is not recommended, this is because the habit has been shown to reduce the rate at which new bone is laid down. There are genetic factors that will be beyond your control too, and age can also impact on the rate of bone growth.

During a consultation, we will attempt to explore a patient’s medical history in order to maximise chances of successful implantation. There are several prescription drugs which will have an effect on bone growth and may need to be suspended during the implantation period so that the ossification can occur.

The factors that are within our control we take very seriously and there is a correlation between the competency of medical professionals carrying out the implantation and a successful procedure. This is one of the reasons why dental practitioners who carry out implants keep extensive records of their past work and results. We are very proud of ours. Respecting the role of our entire team in providing the higher standard of care is what earns us excellent clinical results. Whilst using the newest and most efficient surgical equipment available.

Treatment time for dental implants

We aim for a treatment time of 4 months; this can be extended for up to a year. Dental implants which have not integrated themselves into the jaw at that point are extracted and the procedure is considered unsuccessful in these cases, but thankfully at our clinic this is a rare occurrence.

The use of possible prescription medication along with implants to maximise success is an area of active research which we hope to provide in the clinic one day soon. As well as opening up the opportunities of implants to patients suffering with osteoporosis.

If you have any further questions about dental implants Brentwood, and would like to know if you are suitable for implantation, we would be happy to provide you with an assessment and provide you with advice far more fitting to your personal situation. You can contact our practice either by email or over the phone.