Welcome to your dentist in Coptfold

We understand that finding a new dentist in Coptfold can be a daunting experience. If you don’t have a regular oral health care professional, then chances are you have some degree of dentophobia, unless you have just moved to the region for work, family or leisure.

dentist-in-CoptfoldHaving a dentist in Coptfold who is an understanding, compassionate and gentle professional can make all of the difference for those who do experience some kind of fear of sitting in a dental chair. Whether it be due to a past traumatic experience, from what other people have shared, because of childhood memories or simply because you don’t have time and you are a little embarrassed about returning, trust that our non-judgemental team will help you through the process.

By encouraging you to face your fears and reason with yourself the logic behind them. We can help you to get that one step closer to overcoming them. We understand that time can slip away on us and before we know it, another year has gone by! We also understand that the longer we put off such moments, the more likely it is that a costly restorative treatment will need to be done and this is not something you are ready and able to commit to.

Let us know all of these factors when you book in with us so that we can prepare your dentist in Coptfold, enabling them to create a more bespoke experience for you. It is important that you can feel relaxed, comfortable and heard by someone and this is what we strive for.

Through our questionnaire that you must fill out prior to your consultation and the time we spend together before your examination, we make sure that we do our best to get to know you and understand any physical and emotional hurdles that might have a detrimental impact on your oral health.

How often should I see an oral health care professional?

It is recommended that the average individual visit their dental practice twice a year, with further treatments for oral hygiene as well. In some instances, they can be included in the same appointment, especially if your smile is strong and healthy or you are pressed for time generally.

This ensures that we can see any subtle changes in your oral health condition and quickly identify any issues that might become more problematic in the future. When we are able to act quickly, we can continue with preventive health care rather than needing to resort to restorative treatments which is where the cost begins to build. In addition to this, once you have damaged a tooth and a treatment is needed, the health of your smile will always be slightly compromised and your teeth and gums weakened as a result.

By committing to your health and booking a consultation with us, you can begin the process towards a healthier smile and improved wellbeing. There is no pressure from our professionals to embark on a journey that you are not ready for, but we do try to offer as many solutions as possible to ensure that you get the best outcome from your time with us.