What to know when deciding on Dental Implants

Tooth implants have been purposefully designed to address the numerous challenges patients encounter when they lose their natural adult teeth. Challenges include speech impediments, difficulties in biting and chewing, loss of bone density, compromised oral health and a gap-toothed smile. To avoid the practical and psychosocial implications of missing teeth, patients need to consider a suitable tooth replacement device. At Coptfold Dental we focus on offering our patients tried and trusted dental solutions such as Dental Implants Brentwood.

dental-implants-brentwoodIt is widely believed by many in the dental industry that tooth replacement implants extend incomparable benefits to patients looking for a reliable dental solution to restore full mouth function. When investigating all one’s options, it is highly advised that patients conduct thorough research into each treatment option. There are certain factors involved in treatments in Dental Implants Brentwood that patients should take note of.

Factors important to Dental Implants Brentwood

Book a consultation with a dental practitioner with the right credentials

The best results of your tooth replacement implant treatment will ultimately depend on the dental practitioner that you choose. Patients should not overlook the importance of experience and the relevant training when deciding on the right dentist to supervise the treatment.

Tooth implants require a number of conditions to be met or else the surgical procedure and the treatment results will be jeopardised. At Coptfold Dental we have a firm commitment to ethical dental practices and will suggest treatments that are in the best interest of our patients.

One of the main criteria our well-qualified dentist will look at is a patient’s oral and general health. If there are areas of concern, we will advise on treatments that can rectify any problems. Adequate dental health is of the utmost importance when deciding on tooth implants and any poor dental health problems will need to be resolved first before the implantation treatment can begin.

Expect a thorough consultation

Our dental practitioners will go through an assessment of a patient’s oral and physical health. In addition to conducting a physical oral examination. For a closer look below the gum line, our dentist may need to have x-rays taken. At the consultation appointment we will provide the patient with a complete picture of what the treatment entails, length of treatment as well as cost.

Commitment to at-home oral hygiene practices

Patients who look after their dental implants with mandatory daily brushing (twice daily) and flossing will find that they are less likely to encounter problems with their implants. While implants may be artificial reconstructs of replacement teeth, it is of the utmost importance that they are looked after in the same way as natural teeth are if they are to offer a long service life.

The cost

It is important to look at the cost of tooth implants in relation to its lasting impact and the value it has on the quality of a patient’s life. The benefits of tooth implants are unequalled and can enhance the quality of life in many ways: improved mouth faction which has a direct impact on physical health and improved self-esteem that promotes mental and emotional wellbeing.

Have all your questions about dental implants answered by one of our exceptionally skilled dental practitioners at Coptfold Dental.