Why you should never miss that routine checkup with our dentist in Coptfold

Many patients only visit our dentist in Coptfold when they experience a dental issue or don’t like their smile and think cosmetic dentistry may help. Whilst receiving dental care when in pain or discomfort is always a good idea, there is an even better time to visit us – routine dental checkups.dentist in coptfold

At Coptfold Dental Practice, we encourage patients to commit to scheduled oral health checks because of the immense benefits they offer. During these appointments, our dentist in Coptfold will fully examine the patient’s mouth to spot signs of poor oral health conditions. Our main priority, should any red flags be found, would be to implement preventive dental measures to thwart the problem from escalating. What patients may sometimes not fully appreciate about preventive dentistry is that such measures are focused on avoiding dental emergencies and stopping minor problems from turning into bigger ones.

We like to tell our patients that it is infinitely better to fix minor problems – easier, less expensive, and so much quicker – than bigger, more complex issues, and this can only come about through regular dental checkups with us. Here, we offer more reasons as to why you should not miss out on routine dental health checks.

Reasons to keep to your dental checkups

Professional dental cleaning

Good oral hygiene is the most basic but extremely important first line-of-defence against a myriad of poor oral health conditions. Looking after your oral hygiene as recommended by our dentist in Coptfold greatly minimises the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and chronic bad breath. Your daily oral obligations of brushing twice a day and flossing are non-negotiables, but there will invariably be the need for deep professional cleaning.

Screening for oral cancer

Oral cancers do not enjoy the same level of recognition as other types of cancers (lung, skin, throat, etc.), yet it has the potential to be fatal if not diagnosed and treated early. The most opportune time to get screened for oral cancer is during a routine dental checkup.

Trusted source of dental information

We acknowledge that information is easily available these days; in fact, it is virtually at one’s fingertips. However, not all sources of information on the web are verifiable, and patients need to be careful about where they get their information from, especially when it comes to matters like dental issues. It is always best to get your information directly from a dentist when wanting to know more about a dental condition or which treatment method is the most suitable.

At a dental checkup, we can also advise on the suitability of cosmetic dental treatments should a patient be interested in enhancing the appearance of their smiles. A professional smile evaluation is always a good place to start as most cosmetic dental treatments are seen as investments by patients.

Have you neglected to prioritise your dental health and now want an oral health checkup to make sure no problems lurk in hidden corners? Contact us at Coptfold Dental Practice and our friendly front desk team will be happy to set up an appointment for you.