Your natural smile restored, with dental implants

Your teeth have a profound effect on your overall wellbeing, which underlines their importance. They are essential to allow you to chew your food, pronounce your words and express yourself in a smile. They require a regime of regular maintenance so that they can serve you for the duration of your life. Unfortunately accidents happen which can result in a tooth being knocked out or irregular maintenance can result in tooth decay or gum disease which can cause tooth loss. For many decades the only workable solution was to have dentures or a bridge, depending on how many teeth were lost. However, you should be able to smile and laugh out loud without worrying about a gap between your teeth or if your dentures will stay in place. More recently dental implants Brentwood have become the solution that provides the most stable alternative. dental-implants-brentwood

Multiple problems solved!

A tooth lost is not just the lack of one of your thirty-two teeth, because it has a knock on effect. When you lose a tooth a number of different events take place. Your body recognises that an organ has gone and stops the flow of valuable nutrients to the location of your lost tooth. Your existing teeth, either side of the lost tooth, try to compensate and move to fill the gap left behind. The bone in that part of your jawbone starts to lose some of its density, creating a sunken look in your face. If it was a rear tooth you may experience some difficulty in chewing. If it was a front tooth you may feel too embarrassed to laugh or smile. Dentures and a bridge bring relief to some of these problems but not all. Dental implants Brentwood, on the other hand, solve all of these problems. Once an implant is inserted into your jawbone, the titanium used naturally fuses with your jawbone and your body recognises that it must send nutrients to this area, once again. Your jawbone gradually regains some of its lost density, your adjacent teeth no longer need to compensate and your face loses that sunken look. You are able to chew your food as normal and you can laugh and smile, safe in the knowledge that you have a permanent, stable tooth in place.

Increased possibilities through science and technology

Over the decades we have all experienced the technological revolution and enjoyed many of its benefits. Dental science has been able to harness technology to evolve a concept born in the 1950s. At Coptfold Dental our implant dentist and their team use both science, personal skills, knowledge and their artistic abilities to deliver a first-class experience to our patients. Many of our patients now enjoy the benefits of having had dental implants Brentwood, restoring their ability to eat the foods that they used to be able to eat in the past and smiling naturally.

The personal touch

We utilise the latest technology and techniques to deliver oral healthcare to our patients, but we are always cognisant of the fact that our focus is the holistic care of our patients. Our highly qualified implant dentist has gained experience in a variety of countries which has helped him to develop a very empathetic chairside manner. Treatments are created around each individual patient, because we understand that everyone reacts to dental treatments differently.