Are dental implants right for me?

So you’ve lost some or all of your natural teeth and you’re wondering what to do about it. Look no further than dental implants Brentwood!dental-implants-brentwood

Here at Coptfold Dental, our priority is to make you feel confident. We’re passionate about working in harmony with you, as the patient, to provide a smile you can wear with pride.

Wait, what are dental implants?

To put it simply, dental implants Brentwood are artificial teeth. We screw these artificial teeth into your jaw to offer you the same comfortable functioning as your natural teeth. If you’re still unsure about the concept of having metal screws in your jaw, we’re here to reassure you that the benefits are much greater than you would ever think and any pain is of a minimal amount.

Tell me more about these benefits

The benefits of dental implants Brentwood are endless. No longer will you have to limit your diet or think carefully about what you eat, as these artificial teeth allow you to chew with the strength your jaw previously had. Whether it be talking and laughing or going out in public for a meal with those close to you, you can rest easy knowing that our dental implants have restored your everyday teeth functions.

Implants look and feel exactly as your natural teeth do. It is highly unlikely that anyone would even know you’re using these artificial teeth unless you told them yourself. After some time, you might even forget yourself they’re not real!

In terms of lifelong benefits, you’ll be happy to know that the bones in your jaw will be completely supported. When you lose teeth, your jawbone and mouth tissue start to disintegrate and move. This can cause problems for your remaining healthy teeth, as well as some face structure movement. Once your implants are installed, however, the remaining bone becomes stimulated into growing once again, keeping your healthy teeth in place and becoming one with your tissue and blood vessels.

So what are my options?

Here at Coptfold Dental, we offer both single and multiple implants.

If it is just one tooth that you’ve lost, your confidence and happiness do not have to suffer. We will surgically place the titanium screw into your jaw within close contact of your other teeth, allowing space for the artificial tooth to fuse with the bone. We will assess the condition of your jaw carefully and if recommended, attach a crown or bridge immediately afterwards, although they can be added later on. Your new tooth will look exactly like the surrounding natural teeth in both shape and shade.

If you’re reading this with multiple teeth missing, we have options for you too. We can reduce any embarrassment or lack of confidence by installing just one single implant which will support up to four new artificial teeth in a row. Multiple implants can last a lifetime with good oral hygiene and care! After a well supported healing period, your new teeth will be blended in with your original dentition to the untrained eye. You can go about your life as you please, with a new sense of self-worth.