What to know about dental implants

Although dental implants Brentwood are highly efficacious as a missing teeth replacement solution, it is still a major consideration for many patients. Patients will have to consider factors like cost, the duration of treatment (there is a healing period involved) and the state of their oral health. A patient may still be eligible for dental implants Brentwood if their oral health is a concern, provided that any underlying issue is treated first, which will invariably add to cost and time before implantation can be performed.

dental-implants-brentwoodThe dental practitioner selected to supervise treatment is another all-important factor patients often do not think about. The knowledge, skills and experience of a dental practitioner are necessary for treatment to be successful and for patients to be happy with the results obtained. At Coptfold Dental, we understand that it is only natural for a patient to want to benefit from the proficiencies of more experience and skill. We take great pains to deliver exceptional care in dental implants Brentwood to achieve high patient satisfaction.

Important factors when considering dental implants

Invasive procedure

The fact that a surgical procedure is required to insert a metal rod into the jawbone defines the treatment as an invasive one. Before this can take place, the patient’s oral health must meet a few necessary conditions. Both gum health and jawbone density must be assessed and deemed to be in good condition before the surgical procedure can be performed.

For patients wondering why this is so, it must be remembered that good gum health and good bone quality will guarantee successful implantation and promote better and quicker integration of tooth implants into the jawbone. Fortunately, there are several measures we can take to help improve a patient’s oral health to enable them to receive tooth replacement implants.

Dental hygiene maintenance

We cannot emphasise enough the critical importance of patients maintaining their at-home dental hygiene routine. This is to ensure the longevity of the tooth implants for as long as possible. One of the plus points of tooth implants is that it is very easy to care for. Implants must be maintained just like natural teeth – brushing twice a day and flossing. Neglecting dental hygiene is one of the risk factors that result in implant failure and loss.

Avoid bad lifestyle habits

We recommend that patients avoid the lifestyle habits that threaten either the healing process or lifespan of implants. Using tobacco products is one such habit that has an adverse effect on gum health. Patients may also want to stop using their teeth for any other purpose than eating or speaking. Dental crowns that sit on top of the implants are artificial but it is still possible for these to be damaged when biting down on hard objects. If the dental crown is chipped, it will mean an additional cost to replace it.

Tooth implant treatment plans are personalised solutions, which is why a consultation appointment is the best place to start when considering this solution. We have professionally qualified and experienced dental practitioners at Coptfold Dental to offer a reliable consultation and quality treatment experience.